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Anatomical Research and Clinical Studies


Body donation program

The research unit ARCS (anatomical research and clinical studies), is created to give answers, through the anatomy, to many questions coming from clinicians. Therefore, several research topics/lines exist within ARCS (obesity, medical imaging, lymphology, neurology, morphology, anatomical variations/anomalies, clinical anatomy, …).

The research line on medical imaging is complementary with the anatomical research. In collaboration with the radiology department of the university hospital, many measuring techniques/equipment have been validated with direct measurements (dissection).


Almost all research within the unit is based on anatomy (dissections/interventions).

 The research line on obesity and ergonomics are an exception. Obesity is mainly focused on the effect on Body Composition of extreme weight loss as well as changes in morphology, neurology and biomechanics.

Ergonomics is focused on physical-, cognitif- and enviromental ergonomy. 




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